Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Spring Crafty Day

I actually cleaned up part of my studio today and so was inspired by the sunshine (even though it's still COLD!) to do a little spring crafting.  I was inspired by some cardboard packaging that came with some new drapery rods I just purchased.  They seemed just too good to throw away-  these little corrugated squares.
If you don't have these and I don't imagine many of you save these sorts of things, look for some inspiration at your local recycling center.  The next time you take apart packaging, think of what you can do to reuse these little gems.  Some of the other materials I used were:

Cheap plastic easter eggs...very available this time of year.

Tear some old book pages into very tiny pieces.  They must be tiny so that they can fit around the curves of the egg.  Use white glue and completely cover your egg with book pieces.  To further embellish, wrap strips of cheese cloth, lace, and torn strips of onasburg cotton.
Cut the centers out of fancy cupcake liners and/or paper lace doilies.  Ruffle up with your fingers and use hot glue to adhere this edging to the top of your cardboard base.  This will create a little "nest" for your egg to rest.  You might want to add a little shredded paper or excelsior for further cushion.
Arrange torn strips of cheesecloth and lace around the base of your egg and fix with hot glue.  Embellish with sweet flowers, buttons or other pretty bits.  Find some spring words in a book and glue to your egg for the final touch.  Enjoy your sweet handmade Eastery spring creation!
Oh yes, It's coming!


Sea Angels said...

Totally gorgeousxxxxx

Terri said...

What a adorable spring project! I love that you used the print and mixed in such pretty elements.