Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Big Reveal..Dressing Room

Just to refresh your memory...this was the room before.

 New closet built along the wall using four old doors that were found around the house.  We put them on two sliding tracks.

Old closet was removed when we took down this wall to make room for the larger master bathroom which I will show later.

I use this glass door cupboard to store my non hanging clothing and other accessories.  I like being able to see what I have at a glance.

 Large mirror with a lot of natural light... a little too much to be honest.  I haven't seen myself this big in natural light in a while and I must confess it's a little scary!

 A peek into the insides of the closets.  I am so organized now that I can hardly stand it.  It is a joy to put away clothes!

I realize that when you see closets in most magazines that they don't usually have someone's "real" wardrobe hanging there.  It is always carefully edited and color coordinated.  And I wasn't about to toss all of my perfectly good hangars to get ones that are all matching as those closet organizers say you should.  Let's get real...this is perfectly acceptable to me even with non-matching hangars!

 These drawers are particularly useful because they make use of every inch of space available.

 Some details from inside my cupboard.

 My ribbon lady collection hanging on the wall.  I love these ladies.  I only have these five as they are quite hard to find these days.  

Hope you enjoyed my make-over.  It is so nice to have it finally finished and thank you for all the kind comments.  I will show the bathroom and master bedroom/ hallways soon as I can. I am still putting on the finishing details-  the fun part!

Wall paint:  Behr "River Rock" satin
Closet Door: Behr "Sterling" semi-gloss
Trim: Ben Moore "Super White" semi-gloss
Mirror: Ikea
Closet interiors: Ikea
Glass Door Cupboard: Ikea
Light Fixture: Home Depot (online)
Drapes: Vintage
Drapery Hardware: Canopy from Wal-mart


Terri said...

Loribeth, you must be so thrilled with the outcome! The color of the room is fab, and those curtains are gorgeous! I love that you reused doors to make your closet. It looks really good to me. I would be too messy to have a wardrobe with glass doors!
Can't wait to see the rest!

Sea Angels said...

It really is a credit to both of you...but oh I am in love with your Vintage curtains they just add that final touch of wonderful vintage romantic glamourxxx
Hugs Lynn

Sharon ML Schutt said...

I love your remodels! What a wonderful house you are creating. And 5 ribbon ladies!? I own a ribbon lady, she is in my sewing room. She was my mother's, and I'm happy to have inherited her.