Sunday, March 18, 2012

Homage to Joseph Cornell

I have long been a fan of Joseph Cornell, the self taught assemblage artist and sculptor from the mid twentieth century famous for his "cabinet of curiosities".  My recent foray into soldering has opened up all sorts of possibilities into shadowbox and assemblage art.  Here is my animal friendly "taxidermy" done in an old book that has been hollowed out.  The scene was carefully constructed from paper, wire, wood and stone and then set under glass and soldered.   I really love the effect.


Jeff Roberts said...

Me too.


Terri said...

Oh Loribeth,
I am swooning!
I adore what you have done here, and the fact that you soldered it is amazing! What a sweet attraction to see!
This is what I love about art, you never know what one can make to express. What you have done is magnificent!