Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fling

Spring is approaching and the clocks have changed.  Another visit to the Smith College Flower Show.  This year's theme was Blue Delft and I really enjoyed the palette and use of fabrics paired with the gorgeous spring blooms.

This was my favorite bloom of the show and I never remember to write these names down but I just love the delicate shape of it.

Now I was inspired to create a Spring Fling garland to celebrate the green season.

The middle section is made from cupcake liners.  Can you believe how many pretty cupcake liners there are to choose from these days?  I don't make cupcakes very often but I confess to collecting colorful cupcake papers whenever I see them!

Happy Spring to You from Loribeth at Maminka Girl Studio!


New Hampshire Gardener said...

Gorgeous photos Loribeth.
I think the blue one is a type of scilla, related to the little scilla, but a bigger bulb and not hardy so they have to be grown in pots.

Festive Fibers said...
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Festive Fibers said...

LB, I would have loved to come with you to this burst of Spring! Great new Spring work!