Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Dance Pendant

Here is my latest soldering piece made from a vintage chandelier crystal.  This is a learning piece since I am  just a beginner in soldering and have no idea what I am doing with wire wrapping.  Totally learning from books on that one and if anyone could watch me who did know what they are doing, it would be hysterically painful!  I am all thumbs with my pliers but am trying!  I do like the way it turned out even if my loops are a little wonky.

The flip side features old sheet music and german glass glitter.  I used an old rosary for the necklace.  I love those old rosaries.


alice lenhart said...

i don't see any wonky loops! it looks great.

Terri said...

You rock Loribeth! I think your "wonky" wrapping adds fabulous character!
You did so well, and you are much braver than I am as I have yet to share my soldering pieces! lol!
You go girl!