Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Birthday Week

This was my daughter's thirteenth birthday and she wanted her favorite ice cream cake. This is the easiest cake you could ever make and it's always a big hit with the kids- and so pretty too! I got the recipe out of a very old Better Homes and Gardens:

Two packages of soft cookies with a jam center (such as Archway)
1/2 gallon favorite good quality ice cream ( I used strawberry)
fresh strawberries
fresh blackberries or blueberries
Strawberry jam (warmed in a saucepan until liquid)

Line a souffle dish or bowl with straight sides with saran wrap leaving an overhang of about 6 to 8 inches on the sides. Soften up the ice cream to a spreadable consistency.

Line the sides of the bowl with the cookies standing on end with the jam centers facing outward. Line the bottom with more cookies breaking them up to fit. Spread 1/2 of ice cream in the bowl. Layer more cookies on top. Spread remaining ice cream so that it fills up the cavity. Cover up the top with the overhanging saran wrap. Freeze until firm ( a few hours).

Before serving: Lift out the frozen cake and unwrap. Place on a cake pedestal and decorate with the berries. (good to have these all trimmed and ready to go so your cake is not melting). Pour strawberry glaze over. Voila!

This was our birthday table.. my daughter did the decorating for her friends.

I found these cool flower pens which made a nice centerpiece and then the girls got to take them home.

My big birthday gift was my "Little Giant" ladder. I have been longing for one of these for ages and always make the guy demonstrate it whenever I go to a flower/garden show. My husband finally gave in and bought me one for my fiftieth. Now I can do my own demo!

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