Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This Old House

This is my current project.. our front hallway has been in shambles for about 6 years now and I couldn't stand it any longer. I started stripping off the wallpaper- there are five layers. It's like an archeological dig through time. There was a fifties geometric print, followed by a red toile, then a green toile, then a 70's horror show with finally an 80's vinyl damask.

Unfortunately the interior walls of my house are this horrible stuff that the contractors called "beaver board". It was put up sometime in the fifties after the house suffered a fire. The outside walls are mostly plaster which is befitting the 1849 structure. The beaver board is a fibrous mess and comes apart if you try to get too close. I was able to strip off a couple of layers to a painted wallpaper and that will have to be good enough or the wall starts coming off too- a nightmare really.

My plan is to paint the walls. I can't commit to wallpaper. By the time I am finished wallpapering rooms, I'm sick of the pattern. I am having a hard time even committing to a color scheme. My daughter wants something bolder than the neutrals in the rest of the house. Maybe I'll be daring with color and hopefully won't regret it later.

These stairs are a mess. Looks like a job for the spackle queen!

More later... hope to be able to show off the after pictures and the big reveal just like on HGTV!

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Anonymous said...

I say...go bold!!! After all you are reaching the second half of you life so change is good! By the way, readers of this blog... Maminka Girl is 50!!! Affectionaltely, your older girlfriend