Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Wishes

Happy Valentine's Day! Here is an old suitcase that I painted and decorated a couple of years ago to hold all the valentines I've given and received over the years. I love the way it looks both closed and..... Open! Like a true treasure chest of loving wishes.
I have a fabulous old circle taffeta skirt from the forties that was started but never finished. I took some of that great polka dotted taffeta and made a little ruffle for the pocket.

Here is a shot of my mantle which I try and decorate for each holiday. I made the doll years ago and she is pretty primitive but I still love her. The large hand coloured photograph in the frame is my great aunt Helen. She was my grandmother's sister and their father took this photo and handcoloured it himself. My grandmother painted the frame and this was a most treasured possession that she wanted me to have. Her sister Helen tragically died when she was a young woman and I think this photo gave my grandmother a lot of comfort. I am happy to have it grace my mantle through all the seasons.

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Your Little Sister said...

Happy Valentines Day!! You know I love that picture...and your mantle looks great. Have a great day, Sis.