Thursday, October 29, 2009

A bit of Holiday...early

I have made a fair amount of Santa dolls in my day but just was not in the mood for the old guy this year. My daughter suggested Mrs. Claus and I thought it was about time Mrs. Claus got her share of the spotlight...all that waiting up for her husband and all.She was lots of fun to make. I found a great vintage holiday hanky which I cut in half for her apron so I still have half left. She sports a beautiful vintage mother of pearl belt buckle which I have been saving for something special.

Of course a little whimsy... bells on her toes. She jingles softly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Autumn Friends

It's the time of year for owls..some of my favorite creatures. These are made from linen, cotton, wool and leather and lace. I had these old crocheted shade pulls and found they made perfect owl eyes!
Poor Mrs. Golly... the first Mr. Golly was sold and went off to a new home so I made a new husband and Mrs. Golly happily accepted the replacement. He was a little taller and slightly better looking. But alas, Mr. Golly II went off with a satisfied customer. So, Mrs. Golly sits alone in the gallery wondering what happened to her men. Those pumpkin men really cannot be depended upon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Mischief

There's something about creating something in a box that elevates it and makes it special. I love these little theatres. I have a small collection of old cigar boxes that I have been wanting to use and this great old flocked wallpaper that was perfect for this project.The head was made from paper clay and body was fashioned from old t-shirts.

I used some of my 100+ year old letters to line the inside and decorate the outside of the theatre.

Now this little fellow is called Mr. Golly. He is made from wool pom poms and wool felt and fabric. He is kind of funny looking but somehow endearing don't you think?