Monday, February 8, 2016

A Bevy of Bezels and Beautiful Bracelet

I have been going bezel crazy!  I find these so much fun to make, especially creating the little scenes to fill the bezels.  I actually like making the bezels better than making a finished project from them but they will all get used eventually.  The bracelet was made after taking Terri Brush's milagro class.  I have learned a lot from her classes.

This will make a pretty brooch attached to a velvet ribbon.

This one was made with vintage millinery flower encased in resin.

This came out a little wonky but I still like it.

Here is one of my favorites that I will keep for myself.  Love my mounties!

Here is the bracelet made with milagro type hearts.

Another pendant charm made by dapping and soldering.

The collection!