Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Stones

Look they're multiplying. I found some finer pearl cotton in a seafoam green color that I used to make these two. I like the finer thread much better and these make more sense in a grouping. Having fun with these.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Island Projects

I have been dying to make these ever since I saw them on the very inspiring blog Resurrection Fern. When I saw this tutorial, I couldn't resist. One of things I wanted to do over vacation was teach myself to crochet. I vaguely remember being able to make granny squares in high school but have not crocheted since. It is supposed to be easier than knitting which I can do but I have to tell you, it was frustrating at first but I am slowly getting the hang of it. These turned out pretty good. The round one especially. The oval one I sort of made up the pattern to go with the shape of the stones so that is why it is a little wonky. It's true what they say in the tutorial: You can't make just one! When my husband saw these he just asked "why?".... sometimes he doesn't get it but he loves me anyway.

I thought I would share my find. This little bench made of recycled chairs and wood was just perfect for my clothesline. Now I really do have a little haven out there!
Off to gather more stones!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

My parents are spending some time with us at our cottage on PEI. My mother and daughter spent some precious time together making these lovelies. I have dibs on this one! First these sea shell necklaces (rummage and tag sale finds) were taken apart which was a tedious process. I was only a spectator but it looked tedious.
And then the sorting began. Both my mom and daughter really get into this. They LOVE the sorting process. It was fun to see all the tiny different shells and imagine that they each once held a tiny little creature. Amazing.

Time out for one of these. Must have sustenance for this kind of work.

The assembly process: Very delicate work involving tweezers and super glue. (Then there was a google search on how to remove super glue from table tops and fingers!)

Another break for some of these which are in season right now.

And voila! The beautiful finished pieces. As I said, I have dibs on the this one.

But I love the simplicity of this one that my daughter made hard to choose!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Pleasures of Tea and Clotheslines

Oh how I wish I liked tea. I have tried very hard to like it but I just don't care for it and it does not make sense to force myself to like something when I already like and obsess about so many other things to eat and drink. But my family likes tea. A lot. My daughter especially and when we come to Prince Edward Island we always make a couple of trips to the PEI Preserve Company in New Glasgow where we have a sumptuous lunch (try their Island Potato Pie and Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie!) and sample tea. This year it was Victoria Garden: a blend of lavender, rose petals and vanilla. Doesn't that just sound wonderful? I tried it again but I could still taste the bitterness of the tea although it was tempered by that wonderful vanilla-y aroma. My daughter loved it though. This year my husband suggested we get her a special teapot that we can keep right here at the cottage and this one seemed to fit the bill. Isn't it cute with it's own cup and saucer built right in? That's what I love about tea. All the accoutrement! The teapots, tea cups, saucers, tea cozies, teaspoons and linens. Not to mention the wonderful baked goodies that accompany a proper tea time. I like the idea of tea. So I sit and take it all in but drink my water instead.
My daughter recommends "Cavendish Sunset" which is a lovely fruity tea.

The "Prince Albert" strainer with a little cup to set it in so it doesn't drip. Love that. is something I really love. I know that I am slightly obsessed with my clothesline but I thought I would share with you this vintage clothespin bag that my mom found at a yard sale. It is well made from decorator cotton and galvanized hardware with a swivel hook. It works great because it holds a ton of clothespins, is easy to get your hand into and out of and slides nicely along the line so no stooping! I am going to try and make one of my own for back home I like it so much.