Monday, September 17, 2012

New Work

Here is my newest work:  a bracelet using my soldering skills and vintage lace.  This was my first foray into etching metal.  It was fun although I may try it with etching solution next time in hopes of a deeper etch.  I used what I had on hand: muriatic acid and hydrogen peroxide.   I like the way this turned out.  When you are wearing it you think it is a watch but get fooled when you try and tell the time!

This is a little charm that I soldered with some snippets of lace and a vintage millinery flower.  It is wired onto etched metal and adorned with hematite beads.

A change of pace and back to soft fiber after working with metal for the last couple of months.  These are made from old felted sweater sleeves, lace and real pumpkin stems.

I couldn't resist making an aqua pumpkin!

Monday, September 10, 2012


We are having an owl themed artist challenge at the Walpole Artisans gallery next month and this is my first owl offering.  I will be making some other "owly" things too.  Stay tuned.