Friday, November 13, 2009

Mrs. Claus II (too)

I am definitely on a Mrs. Claus phase because I've made another one...Santa can have his pick. She is a little more grandmotherly looking than my previous missus. I made her from papier-mache and cloth. Her skirt is a wonderful vintage holiday print salvedged from a ruined tablecloth. Her shawl is an embroidered eyelet dresser scarf. She has an angora cummerbund accented with a vintage fabric button that I embroidered (although not very well...need to work on my embroidery skills).
Here she sits in front of my holly bush..lots of berries this year compared to last.

A detail of her handmade tag.

Did you know that Santa is very forgetful so Mrs. Claus keeps the key to the workshop handy.

Her fuzzy angora leg warmers because it gets cold up there in the North Pole!