Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dog Days and Puppy Nights

Indulge me and let me show you what has kept me busy for the past week and a half. Here is our little Valentine bundle, Mr. Flynn. He is very sweet and a little too smart for his own good but who can resist this bundle of fur? I had forgotten how much work a puppy is though...amazing how you block out those memories. He looks innocent enough but has already figured out how to get his nose up under the lid of the dog food can and lift it off. My older golden is terrified of this lid because it makes a clanking sound. NOT this guy...he is afraid of nothing. Could be trouble.
Here is my lovely Luna reaching out the paw of friendship. I have never had two dogs at one time before. There is a lot of wrestling and teeth gnashing and growling but they seem to like it and keep going back for more. No one is getting hurt but it gets a little rough. Is this normal?

Making friends.... we have a way to go but we'll get there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lucky Girl

This was my lucky week.. I won this wonderful prize during the One World One Heart giveaway from Suzy over at Georgia Peachez! The package arrived yesterday and what a delight it was to open. Everything came wrapped in old pattern tissue and lovely soft seam binding. How clever. This beautiful purse is made from barkcloth with a lovely lining and details like piping and a beaded zipper pull.
Look at this wonderful brooch made from old buttons. Even the box has been carefully covered with fabric.

And then.... this was an extra! A cute little purse and eyeglass case all made from the wonderful vintagey fabrics.. I don't mean to gloat but I really hit the jackpot and feel so lucky to have won. This is a great program and I definitely will participate on my own blog next year. It's fun... even if you don't win a thing.

Thanks so much to Suzy at Georgia Peachez and if you are in the market for wonderful handmade purses and accessories with beautiful details check out her blog and etsy site.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snowflake Luncheon

It all started with these wonderful vintage snowflake glasses that were a gift from my good friend Carol. Here in New England, in the dead of winter we look for any excuse to come out of hibernation. So, invitations were made and sent out.
Decorations were hung.

Candles were lit.

Goody bags were assembled. Every party needs goody bags.

The menu: Parmesan and Thyme Crisps

Savory Palmiers with pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, pesto and goat cheese

Pappa al Pommodoro Hearty Italian tomato soup with crunchy homemade croutons

Not shown: Baby salad greens with red pear, toasted walnuts and vinaigrette
Champagne Punch

Contributions from talented friends: Snowflake Chocolate Mousse

I made this spicy moist gingerbread with orange glaze. Are you hungry yet?

Delicious Strawberry Rhubarb cobbler made from the precious fruits of last summer

Crisp snowflake shortbread cookies served on a snowflake plate no less. I didn't get a picture of Mary (who brought them) in her snowflake sweater and socks!

We had a great time. I really have a wonderful collection of friends who love to cook and eat and laugh. I am a lucky woman to have these friends. Make time for lunch with your special friends.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Studio Happiness and Bunny Love

I saw this tutorial on Martha Stewart with Jennifer Murphy's cute little pom pom bunnies and just had to give it a try. These are just so cute I can't stand it. I had fun with the details.

I have been taking advantage of all the cold weather to do a lot of inside sewing that never gets done once the good weather sets in. This is the beginning of some slipcovers that are way overdue. I finished one and need to start the other. I don't make slipcovers very often and I can see why they are so expensive because they are a challenge! That is why I needed a pom pom bunny break in between slipcovering projects. At least it was a good workout running up and down two flights of stairs everytime I needed a fitting.

Here is my beautiful Luna being the sun goddess in the studio. She always manages to find the sunny spot..good for her vitamin D. She had better rest up because she is getting a new brother soon. I can't wait.. soon I will be tripping over two goldens. What could be better?