Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Doll..Two Sides to Every Story and Every Girl

My new topsy-turvy Cinderella doll. She is made from cloth and then painted with several layers and varnished for a smooth almost wood like appearance.

In all her finery she wears a dress of dupioni silk in the palest of blues adorned with handmade rosettes and vintage ribbon and lace. In cinders she wears a dress made of humble cotton patchwork from a vintage quilt top.

There are two sides to this girl!

Back details

Handmade tag

Her lovely purse which contains an important message from you know who!

Don't get caught up in the evening and forget....

Good advice for any girl.


LindaSonia said...

Adorable!! Great job! LindaSonia

Rebecca said...

she is just beautiful, LB. Glad to see that you are back home. Tell Colin congrats from us.

Squam Hill Design said...

what a lovely doll!!! every detail is perfect :)I am new to your blog...and I LOVE it!!!

Sea Angels said...

They just get better and more beautiful, each one you make....we must talk about our snowman swop ha ha it will be winter before we know it.......
Hugs Lynn xxx