Monday, December 1, 2008

Annual Walpole Artisan Tour

This the sixth year of the Walpole Artisan Studio Tour. I have participated 5 of the 6 years in various locations but this year I actually erected a tent within the sunroom of my home. Luckily it has a very high vaulted ceiling so this was possible. It worked out great since I could be at home for the whole weekend and welcome visitors to view and purchase my work. The tent was wonderful for isolating my work and not having to empty out the room of other distracting items. I just pushed things aside and put down the walls of the tent and then went to town decorating! Come on in.....

I made a sign from an old frame and some favorite vintage fabric for a backing. The floor lamp with the red shade was on sale at Target and I draped some vintage Christmas hankies over for effect.

This old door was part of the original barn that I grew up has served me well for many a craft show and is great for hanging items.

I loved being able to hang things from the sturdy poles of the tent. You can utilize a lot of space this way.

Close-up detail of one of my large paper stockings made with vintage wallpapers.

Some of my old shutters came in handy for hanging more items.

More pocket journals....

A new batch of fabric luggage tags. These make great stocking stuffers.

Here is one of my woolen camp blankets and one of my Unlikely Alliance Owl and Mouse sets. These all sold!

Here is my daughter India's jewelry display. She had great success selling her creations too. Now she can buy more beads!


Sea Angels said...

I wish I could have come to your fair..I love your stockings they are the best I have seen, I know it is too late now but we must do a swop next year...what do you think will you do a swop with me.
Hugs Lynn xx

Sarah said...

Your display looks wonderful and is set off so well against the white of the tent. There are just so many tempting things on there. Also your thanksgiving dinner looks amazing-especially those sprouts-I will try that out!